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Why we love #22... 


The 22nd is the day of the month that Brandon was born, the day of the month he died, and #22 was his hockey and football number.  When you see #22 you can't help but to think of Brandon.  


The video below was shot by Brandon's cousin/best friend Jimmy.  Brandon was the honorary guest and spoke at the "Pink Ball",(a fundraiser for McLaren Hospital).  The day before this event he received his last dose of Methotrexate from the M.A.P. protocol, at that time we thought chemo was done (Oct. 2007).  Little did we know....   


Dr. Irwin was one of Brandon's favorite doctors, he did all his leg/hip surgeries and was our "go to" doctor.  He was an incredible surgeon!!! He did allow Brandon to return to the ice with restrictions... and made it to Brandon's last hockey game on Valentines Day 2009 when Brandon skated out with his DSJ team. Brandon passed 8 days later. 



Forever in our hearts... Gordie #22

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